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1 year ago

Christian Louboutin 2015 Collection

For Autumn/Winter 2015, Christian Louboutin turns back the clock on several eras of style, from the sixties, to punk, to grunge. Influenced by the exotic, the bold, the sensual, and the irreverent, the line introduces new colours, textures, and technical innovations with the detail and craftsmanship that are emblematic of the Louboutin brand.
Christian Louboutin
Powerful women continue to influence Christian’s work, and this season, the lady is a vamp! Dangerous curves give way to sharp silhouettes of supple, shapely leather on Vampydolly and Sweety Charity, embellished with tantalizing black fringe. The seduction continues in transparency and five different types of lace on slinged and strappy pumps like Marinadentella, Follies Lace, and Oolala, styles that evoke the sensuality of lingerie.

In a sharper turn, styles like Electro Pump and Electroboot pay homage to punk, adorned with meticulously crafted leather spikes along the spine [url=]Christian Louboutin pumps shoes[/url] of the heel. Saudade and Faolo Boot bring out the grunge, garnished in spiky metallic cones from the Louboutin archives. Other hardware elements in the collection include a mix of chains, from the heavy and welted to the delicate, hand-applied mini-chains seen on Dolly Party.

1 year ago

Stylish Red Bottom Shoes for Great Personality!

  Your beautiful face, your six packs, hair style, etc are not just enough to flaunt your persona in an impressive way. There is something more required that truly plays an important role in let you describe your personality. Yes, your dressing and footwear collection play an important role that always draw your attention and make your center of attraction wherever you go.
When it comes to shoes and other footwear collection, they play an important role in describing the importance of your dress and outfit; while[url=]pumps shoes[/url] at the same time provide you more comfort to walk easily. There are different leading brands in the market always launching the new style and design of shoes and footwear to keep you engaged. Among some of the gorgeous and classy collection of footwear, people always move towards red bottom shoes  captured the market and persuading people.
Red Bottom Shoes have truly captured the fashion world and leaving a remarkable impression upon those who want to create their own style statement without compromising the quality and extreme comfort level. You can say that stylish red bottom shoes are for great personality who need extra comfort and style that can also help in boosting their confidence level. You will be surprised by see the amazing collection at a store that has gained reputation for such shoes and footwear collection.

1 year ago

Christian Louboutin red soled shoes Brand

        The famous Christian Louboutin red soled shoes appeared in classical painting masterpieces , do not be surprised , but it is not through the season's advertising Christian Louboutin once .<a href="">Slingbacks</a> This idea is really stunning. Today, let us look at the whole world women are crazy Christian Louboutin red soled shoes now.

        Christian Louboutin red soles of the birth of the famous signature design in 1992 . The dumping of so many star design there is a legendary story<a href="">christian louboutin bags</a> Christian Louboutin once accidentally saw the female assistant to the toes nail polish , red color let him have inspired him positive red painted on the soles , an introduction to a warm response . From this it is wiped Erotic Duopo became Christian Louboutin red flag , so he hit it big in the fashion circle . This perfectly highlights the Magdalene red lovely women , beautiful and not play mature sexy.